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Xiaomi announces MIUI 12: Visual Redesign, Super wallpaper & More!




Today, Xiaomi unveiled the lite version of Mi 10 i.e. Mi 10 Youth Edition and along with that the company also released the newest version of its Android skin MIUI 12. It is still based on Android 10 of course though it brings visual changes with a simpler look and also gets new features like new animations, revamped Dark mode 2.0, new health app, privacy & security controls.

Let us take a look at all the new features of MIUI 12

First off are the visuals, Xiaomi has almost made entire UI look simpler, customizing the system where now the information about the device, storage available is displayed in graphs, visual diagram when users will open settings on their devices which looks visually appealing and is easy to understand.

The New Animations for app launch and closing is much more faster & more fluid claims Xiaomi. MIUI 12 also brings new realistic weather animation which shows realtime weather changes in a timelapse movie. Moreover, the change in gestures & speed will cause the apps to react differently like when you delete an app the new ripple animation will also affect the app near it.

The new Dark mode 2.0 bring wallpaper dimming, this feature will work with the time and will dim the wallpaper slowly as the day changes to night and also font diming, this feature will allow the phone to automatically change the weight & boldness of the text to reduce the strain on the eyes.

Another Cool feature is the Live wallpaper or as Xiaomi calls it ‘Super Wallpaper”, which zooms in from space view to areal shot whenever you lock & unlock the device. New animations for Always-on-display (AOD) and also a floating window which basically lets you keep a preview of an app on the full screen.


Now on the Improved privacy & Security features, Xiaomi has enhanced its privacy features so now you can choose to give permission to an app-only once or while using it though the permission will be reversed once you stop using that app and the app which fails to provide any information that why they need this permission, those apps will not have always allow option available.

In MIUI 12 users will also be able to keep a track on the app behaviour and if the app is using any other app, how is it collecting data, users will be able to view all this in one place. Moreover, Xiaomi has integrated a virtual ID feature that will stop dubious apps from getting any private information. The company also said that device data will also be hidden from the photos which you share on the web.

The company introduced a new feature dubbed as AI calling, which can interpret calls and suggests response for hearing impaired users. Xiaomi also launched the Mi health app which promises improved fitness tracking with help of AI of course and offers sleep tracking without the need of additional accessories, users just have to keep the phone under their pillow.

MIUI 12 Availability

The Closed beta for MIUI is already live in China and the stable version of Chinese MIUI is scheduled to reseal by the end of June.

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