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Realme announced their 64MP Quad Camera tech. First 64MP Quad Camera phone to be unveiled before Diwali.



 a few days ago, we reported that Realme will unveil their camera tech (64MP) on August 8. Finally, the brand has shared details about the upcoming quad cameras phones with primary 64MP sensor. Madhav Sheth; Realme CEO has shared some information about the sensor and in which series it would be applied. Talking about, who makes the World’s first 64MP camera phone, Redmi will be the first as it has already announced details about 64MP sensor a day before, though Realme will be the first smartphone brand with a 64MP camera smartphone in India. So it will first launch in India & later to other markets. Obviously, Redmi will launch first in China.

Interestingly, the premium 64MP sensor will arrive not only in flagship “X” series but also on Pro and some numerical series too. This is interesting, as budget consumers will also be able to experience a premium camera sensor on their devices. The Quad camera setup will include an Ultra resolution camera, a wide-angle camera, and an Ultra Macro lens. Although the company hasn’t revealed which will be the first phone with the 64MP sensor but rumours suggest that it might be Realme 5. The brand has also said that their next phones will be carrying Expert Mode, Panorama Mode, Ultra Nightscape Mode, and Chroma Boost.

That said, the main highlight of the event, was the 64MP Samsung sensor which is the world’s first 64MP resolution sensor. It is an 0.8-micron meter ISOCELL sensor manufactured by Samsung. The GW1 sensor uses a Tetracell technology which helps with optimising image quality in any lighting conditions. Additionally, the dynamic sensor can change the use of pixel binning or use the tetra tech depending on lighting conditions. There is also a Smart ISO feature which makes sure that the images that come outstrike a perfect balance between a brighter image and also make sure to control as much noise as possible. The brand claims that the new 64MP sensor especially performs better in low light conditions due to the dynamic characteristic of the Samsung sensor.

Madhav Seth has also announced that the 64MP Quad camera smartphone will be coming before Diwali this year. Along with that, he said that Realme will be launching two more quad-camera smartphones before Diwali (October 27) which then makes a total of 3 smartphones. We guess that 1 phone in X series and 1 each in Pro and numerical series.

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