POCO F2 launch news : A reality, reveals leaked Xiaomi trademark application!

In 2019, One thing that has remained constant is Where is Poco F2? or Any POCO F2 launch news? in of all Xiaomi & Redmi launches or any posts on Social media by POCO. Yes, this is probably one of the most asked questions of 2019 well as far as Indian customers are concerned. We saw nothing concrete in 2019 that could lead to the existence of POCO F2. Anyway, POCO F1 was launched in August 2018, it tore the market apart with flagships specifications like Snapdragon 845 SOC, dual cameras, 4000mAh battery & liquid cooling for the price of RS. 20,999/$300, which in turn sold like hotcakes in the market.

POCO F2 launch news

With that being said, it seems like this year (2020) would be the year where we could see it happening POCO F2 launch news well why am I saying this is due to a trademark application filed by Xiaomi which mentions POCO F2 in it, now you might say this is fake since POCO doesn’t exist in China or trademark isn’t a proof of something concrete, Yes that’s right that trademark generally don’t signify anything but if .ou remember before the launch of POCO F1, a similar trademark was registered a couple of months earlier to the official launch.

Going by this, which could very well be a huge clue towards possible POCO F2 launch news down the road, though it also raises a lot of uncertainty about Redmi K30 Pro existence and if it does when will it launch?, last year Redmi launched K20 Pro as a flagship & we saw nothing from POCO.

So if POCO F2 is indeed launching this year then we won’t see Redmi K30 Pro in 2020 and if it this happen we’ll see both are smartphones competing with each other. So what do you think about POCO F2? are you all excited about it?.



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