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Oppo 125W Fast Charging Solution Announced!




Today, Oppo has announced the next leap in its Fast charging technology – Oppo 125W Fast charging Solution. Until now 65W SuperVOOC was the fastest in the industry which was introduced in Reno Ace.

OPPO 125W Fast charging solution.

The Oppo 125W fast charging solution is the successor to 65W SuperVooc, the tech uses the bi-cell arrangement lets the charge pumps cut half the voltage of double cells during discharging so to offer the fast charging. The company has developed a custom chip for enabling fast charging and the chips used includes a VCU intelligence control, AC/DC chip, MCU charge management BMS battery management chip, Management control chip and finally a custom protocol chip all these are essential to achieve fast charging in smartphones.


Furthermore, the fast charger supports 20W/6.5A on USB Type-C. Oppo claims it to be slightly larger in size in comparison to the 65W at 64 x 61.5 x 30mm & weighs 153.8grms. The charger is compatible with PD & PPS Standard which means that you will be able to use the charger with the future handset which supports the 125W fast charger & also with laptops that supports it.

Oppo 125W fast charging solution claims to not degrade battery life as in the life of the battery has been maintained to 80% after the 800 charging & discharging cycles. The company designed 10 new temperature levels & also a 128-bit algorithm to offer a fast yet safe charging experience, all these new sensor & algorithm are claimed to maintain the device temp under the 40 degrees mark during the charging process.


Oppo claims that the fast charger can charge a 4,000mAh battery in 20 minutes & upto 43% in just 5 minutes and if that’s the case then the company would beat its own record of charging a battery of that size around 10 minutes

Now it will be interesting to see when it will be commercially available in which phone supports it. Are you excited about this upcoming tech on the phone?

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