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A 600MP image sensor for everyone? Samsung’s plan for the future!




Remember back in the day, there was a Megapixel race between brands to create the best smartphone camera and bac then Nokia Lumia 1020 had the 41MP PureView camera. Well, guess what the trend is back again, as we already Samsung is in the lead with its 108MP ISOCELL Bright HMX sensor which was announced last year & is present in S20 Ultra.

Anyway if you were thinking that 108MP is overkill for the smartphone, well Samsung thinks otherwise as it is said to be working on a sensor which will be able to see more details than a human eye.

In a blog post, the company revealed that it is working on an image sensor with a resolution of 600MP. Yes, you read that right. Anyway, The human eye is said to match the resolution of 500MP and compared to most DSLR’s which has 40MP and smartphones at 12MP and as you’d expect it will take a long time for Samsung to actually come up with camera sensor with such high resolution. Though the 600MP sensor will not be used for smartphones but also for autonomous vehicles, drones & IoT.


Since the camera sensor would be so big it would be nearly impossible to fit inside a modern smartphone so in order to do it Samsung will need to make the sensor small and reduce the pixel size as well through the pixel binning method so that the smaller pixel doesn’t produce dull/dark pictures, just like how it does with the 108MP camera with Nanocell technology, which has a 3×3 structure, this allows nine 0.8um pixels to work as 2.4um pixels to deliver great low light pictures.

There are rumours that floating around Samsung will be launching a 150MP camera sensor in the Q4 of 2020 based on Nanocell tech just like 108MP last year and Xiaomi could the first one to use this sensor. Furthermore, an image was leaked claimed to be of an oppo device carrying the 192MP camera.

So what are your thoughts about Samsung going all in this Megapixel madness?

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